Before the Conference

We are so excited to have you with us for our virtual conference. To make sure you get the most out of your conference experience, here are a few suggestions before the conference begins:

Clear your calendar - Close your email. Put your phone in do-not-disturb. Lean into your conference experience. Talk to others in your home to see if you can work together to limit interruptions.

Download Zoom - Many of our conference events will be hosted on the zoom platform. To enhance your user experience, you may want to download the zoom desktop application available at Zoom.

Visit the conference website - make sure you can login and view the conference content. Make sure you do not miss anything and test the system to ensure you are ready to participate when the conference kicks off!

Plan to network - complete your profile on the conference website. Let people know how to contact you and build relationships with your colleagues who are participating online with you

Grab a notebook and pen - You will be able to view the content as many times as you like through December 31st, but notes may help you keep track of all you learn online.

Prepare your food - We will take plenty of breaks throughout the conference, but planning ahead will make your coffee breaks, snack attacks and lunch breaks more manageable!